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June 21 / / OnePlus One

OnePlus One owners, have you been having problems with touchscreen sensitivity on your phone? How about the Bluetooth connection in your car stereo? Any issues with sending MMS texts through the default app? At least some of you have, and the latest release of Cyanogen OS is meant to fix all three. Version YNG1TAS2I3 (still Android 5.0, if you’re wondering) was just posted to Cyanogen’s website

May 11 / / Android
April 27 / / Android
April 22 / / OnePlus One
April 14 / / OnePlus One

So you want to Unlock bootloader, install custom recovery or root your OnePlus One. Well here is a toolbox which might help you to do that.

April 14 / / OnePlus One
April 12 / / Windows

Microsoft has finally rolled out the Spartan browser as an official release. This is one of the most anticipated features of Windows 10. Project Spartan is being hailed as a lightweight web browser which aims at providing an enhanced browsing experience to the Windows 10 users.

April 10 / / Android
April 8 / / Android
April 7 / / OnePlus One