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August 26 / / OnePlus One

The time has come for OnePlue One owners to get a taste of the latest version of Lollipop. Cyanogen OS 12.1, which comes with Android 5.1.1, is now heading out to devices. Though, the rollout is starting off small, with only 2% of users getting the goods.

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August 19 / / OnePlus 2

If you’re having trouble snagging the OnePlus 2’s international version without an invite, you do have a good shot at ordering the flagship killer’s Chinese version from a reseller, and replacing the Hydrogen OS installation with Oxygen OS, which is better suited towards international users. Hydrogen OS is the OnePlus 2’s Chinese ROM, which does have English as a menu option, but it doesn’t include Google services, its UI is somewhat laggy, and some features, such as a file manager, are missing.
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August 10 / / OnePlus 2
July 31 / / OnePlus 2
June 21 / / OnePlus One

May 28th 2015 was a special day for OnePlus. Afterall, it was on this day that they had promised to release Hydrogen OS, their own homebrewed China-specific ROM for the OnePlus One. And they did deliver, as Hydrogen OS was unveiled to the public in a beta format. Tag along as we take a look at what this ROM has to offer in our Initial Impressions.

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June 21 / / Uncategorized

While the experience isn’t felt across the board, many OnePlus One owners have been plagued by touchscreen issues since making the decision to never settle. As a result, the company has pushed out update after update aimed at alleviating an issue that seems to have a tendency to resurface. Read the Post OnePlus Releases OxygenOS 1.01 Update With Touchscreen Fix

June 21 / / OnePlus One

OnePlus One owners, have you been having problems with touchscreen sensitivity on your phone? How about the Bluetooth connection in your car stereo? Any issues with sending MMS texts through the default app? At least some of you have, and the latest release of Cyanogen OS is meant to fix all three. Version YNG1TAS2I3 (still Android 5.0, if you’re wondering) was just posted to Cyanogen’s website

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April 22 / / OnePlus One