Failed to Unlock your BootLoader?

Did you tried to unlock your bootloader? When you tried to flash something does it say

Device not unlocked cannot flash or erase

No problem. Here is the solution.

  • First copy the zip file (download link at bottom) to your OnePlus One.
  • Flash it with your Recovery.
  • That’s it.

Can’t copy file to your OnePlus One? Try to sideload.

Unlock BootLoader (853 downloads)
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  1. March 27

    HI, I have CM 12.1.1-YOG7DASK1 and I can’t unlock my bootloader with the OnePlus Toolbox V6 . The link to download the fix described in this page goes to another page, but I can’t locate the zip file, Can you provide an alternate link? Does the Toolbox v6 work with CM 12.1.1-YOG7DASK1?


  2. March 27

    OK, I know what the problem is. I previously had TWRP and root, but returned to stock and locked the boot loader. Do you have any recommendations for unlocking again?

  3. Bhargav
    April 5

    Now I am using cm 13.1 cyanogen mod
    .6.0.1 … please help me for unlocking the boot loader and install custom Recovery’s and to root my one plus one…I have researched so many but they can’t help me
    ..can u please suggest me to root my one plus

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