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  1. h
    October 8

    The download is not working to anyof the downloads. It is blocking on the way>\Thank you!

  2. Riccardo Folloni
    January 13

    Hello inthiaano, i’ve seen and used your app for the OnePlus one and i think the design and swipe taps are perfect.. I’m trying to develop an application for a Computer Engeneering exam but i can’t to succeed in some things that are present in your app and works perfectly. Can i ask you to share with me the code of your app to have a look in those things and adjust mine? If this is not possible, can i ask you how to succeed in those things? Thank you very much 🙂

  3. nickbell
    April 5

    hi brother, loved the oneplus one toolbox and the oneplus one android app and i was wondering if you could give me the source code for the oneplus one android app.

  4. Raymond Andreas
    April 14

    Hello. I still use your toolbox and really appreciate your work. I am trying to flash CM12S but it fails in twrp. Can I get a little direction on what to do? Also, I am on version 5 of your toolbox. Does it update automatically? Thanks for everything!

    • April 14

      Just download CM12S. Make sure you have TWRP. Wipe and Flash CM12S. You don’t have to be on latest CM11S build. It will work fine.

  5. vedant paul
    June 29

    I have cm13.1 , will the latest v6 version work to root it?

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