ColorOS Camera for CM11s

Do you want to run Color OS Camera on your OnePlus One CM11S? Well here it is. XDA dev  BOOTMGR managed to port it. 


  • Most plug ins working (50MP etc)
  • Working 4k recording with pause/resume support, HDR Recording, SlowMotion recording
  • Saturation,ISO etc settings
  • Hold camera shutter for burst mode
  • Hold on viewfinder to lock AE/AF
  • Tracking focus
  • No Root Required

Camera Plugins

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And there is another Port by infinityplus “Andriman’s OppoCamera Mod” which comes with lot of mods.

You can find more details here

Source: XDA



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I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code

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  1. Egbert
    February 26

    Note that there are already some updates in the XDA thread.

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