Boot Color OS on MultiRom – No Swapping

Do you want to boot Color OS on your OnePlus One? If so this trick might help.

If you haven’t installed MultiRom you can go here and setup MultiRom.

You will need to install Color OS as Primary. I am using Color OS Modded by rikardo1979. You can get it from here. You need to extract boot.img from downloaded Rom and store somewhere in your device.


Goto Recovery and Flash Color OS (as Primary Rom). And Install all Other Roms as Secondary. When you are done boot to Color OS.

Here comes the final Part. Switching between Primary and Secondary Roms.

Switch from Color OS to Secondary Roms.

Step 1:

  1. Download MultiRom Manager from Google Play.
  2. Open MultiRom Manager.
  3. Tick Kernel and Press Install.
  4. When done it will ask to reboot. I recommend you to press Cancel. And goto Recovery Manually.
  5. From Recovery goto Install > Download > > Tick “Inject MultiRom after installation” > Swipe
  6. Now Reboot. It will show MultiRom Manager. Select which Rom you want to Boot.
  7. Note: You can’t boot to Internal (which is Color OS)


Switch from Secondary Roms to Color OS:

Step 2:

  1. Download Flashify from Google Play.
  2. Open Flashify.
  3. Flash (First Tab) > Boot image > Choose a file > Browse where you kept Color OS boot.img
  4. Confirm. And reboot. You will be booted to Color OS.


Want to go back to a Secondary Rom? Goto Step 1.

This Trick is originally posted by v0 HaVoK 0v / OnePlus One Forum

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  1. Venkatesh
    January 13

    Can this process be followed for the phone with already multirom TWRP installed? Because I tried but went into boot loop for multirom. So unintsalled all my secondary roms but still it did not solve the boot loop 🙁

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